Planned Maintenance 

Tune up your HVAC system and keep it tuned with planned maintenance

Over time, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles weather can wreak havoc on your HVAC system. High heat, dust, wind and occassional near freezing temperatures all affect the performance of your air conditioning and heating system.

Talk to the experts at Airflow about a planned maintenance service program for your AC system and enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that comes with knowing your system will always operate at peak performance.

Even if your air conditioner or heater is currently running efficiently, regular maintenance is important to keep it running. Whether you have a split system air conditioner, reverse cycle air conditioner, ducted air conditioner or inverter air conditioner, all systems need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.


It is always better to call in an HVAC specialist before your system begins to malfunction. Read below to understand why preventative maintenance will cost less in the long run vs. a "break/fix" approach. 

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Why planned maintenace of your HVAC system is so important

  • Maintains Peak Performance of AC Units & Furnaces

  • Prevents Higher Utility Payments than Necessary

  • Helps Prevent Future Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Helps Extend the Life of Your AC Unit & Furnace

  • Maintains Optimum Refrigerant Levels (helps maintain cooling efficiency)

  • Call now for more information on our Planned Service Maintenance Agreements. PSMA’s can provide HVAC maintenance services on a Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual basis depending on your needs. PSMA also provides Priority Service and our Value Rate Pricing on future services.

Why should you Replace an AC Unit or Furnace versus Repairing your HVAC system?

Filter replacement is vital to keeping your system clean and efficient

Inspection and clenaing of critical components keeps your system running at peak performance

Checking refrigerant levels is l part of planned A/C maintenance 

At Airflow, we always seek the most cost effective solution to your HVAC problems. Sometimes a simple ac repair is all that is necessary to give you many more years of good service. But there are other times when replacing your HVAC system is a better option than repairing it. Here are just a few of the reasons why this may be:

  • We help you select your New HVAC System after inspecting your home or business as well as incorporating your individual comfort needs. We also ensure that the unit is sized correctly.

  • Increased Efficiency, New AC Units & Furnaces are much more efficient

  • Increased Efficiency means Lower Utility Bills, Saving the Customer Up to 60% on Utility Bills.

  • New AC Units made after 01/01/2010 use R410A, an Environmentally Friendly Freon

  • New Air Conditioning Systems and Heating Systems are Much Quieter and keep your home or business more Comfortable than Older Systems

  • Your New System comes with a Manufacturer and Dealer Warranties that provide peace of mind

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