Planned Service Agreements

Our planned maintenance service agreements are an easy way to ensure your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency. We work on most major brands.

Service agreements are available for heating or AC units.  We offer monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance greements. Contact us for pricing on your particular AC or Heating sytem. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your system will always be in top shape.


PLAN A - Gas Furnace

  1. Clean and adjust automatic controls

  2. Clean burners

  3. Lubricate as needed

  4. Test for combustion leaks

  5. Test safety shut off response

  6. Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment

  7. Replace air filter

PLAN B - Air Conditioner

  1. Check condenser coil 

  2. Check electrical connections for tightness

  3. Check for oil and refrigerant leaks.

  4. Check safety devices.

  5. Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment

  6. Check expansion valve and coil temperatures

  7. Replace Air Filter

  8. Check refrigerant level

  9. Check condensate drain

  10. Lubricate as needed

Peace of mind for your heating system with our planned service agreement

Keep your cool, always, with planned maintenance of your AC

Expert AC & Heater Maintenance services since 1959.
What is Covered Under Maintenance Plans? 

Call for pricing on a service agreement for your system at (818) 786-6561

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